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If I could choose my favourite moment of day this would be it. Morning twilight. Don’t know why really. I guess it’s the idea of a transient time not preocupied with rules and alusive to the vast majority of city dwellers. As if time and the evolution of the space around us could be frozen in a moment of ultimate freedom.

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Love and friendship

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We humans are tragically funny sometimes in the sense that we seem to have an unlimited capacity to deceive ourselves.


Let’s face it everybody lies now and then (yeah, you do…). I do not believe a single person exists who has not once in his life told a lie or enhanced the truth, either unintentionally (“er… the dog ate my homework”), or to save someone else’s feelings (“yes, that haircut looks marvellous on you…”) or even for more ominous motives … It’s about the latter type that I have been thinking for a while now…

To different degrees people share a universal need for approval. It’s just basic human nature. It exposes our frailties and enhances our most hidden fears. Lying and deception are often used to create a favourable image or impression. People will go to great lengths, if necessary, to appear more appealing and interesting and to create a positive image of themselves. Often this involves some self-deception as well because people start to believe their own false image and can sometimes be truly ignorant to the fact that others have exposed them for what they are. This is where the tragic part comes in. Many of these are just harmless lies, told to a bunch of admiring ‘confidants’. But sometimes the tale is spread out of proportion, and does serious damage. By that time, the lie will have snowballed too much for the liar to do anything about it, except maybe admit to it.

But… is that really that condemnable? Totally condemnable I mean… What if they only continue to insist on lying to hide their exposed frailties with the notion that they can be used against them, is it condemnable then? If the person has deceived me and there is a feeling of hurtfulness, of having my trust betrayed and spun by deception, of having shared my innermost feelings and realising that the ideas and memories shared in return were often fabricated or non-existent. Should I take the self-righteous high-road and ignore the person for what he/she is even if I still do love them , or should I instead, pay with kindness and say “It’s quite alright you now? I see you for what you are, I love you just the same and will vow to never use your frailties against you no matter what.” Will this render me totally inept to distinguish truth from lie, and even more coy about exposing myself to others, or will it instead make me stronger and give that person the strength to emerge with their unique beauty, with their own rightful truth, confident that they are loved just the same?

I honestly don’t know…


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You dont have to stray…
Tho oceans away…
Waves roll in my thoughts…

…Oh, oh, oh, I will be
I will be there once more…

Global President

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Congratulations to R., A., and C. on your newly inaugurated President.

Yes, you could. ;=)

Joan as Policewoman

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I’ve only recently found this artist and was left with that excited, wound-up feeling of wanting to share after seeing her in concert last week. She’s beautiful and writes songs that sing straight to my heart.

Like this one.



I’m so happy to be loved 
throw me down and light me there 
’cause I’m an awful mess 
and you love me too 
I haven’t a care 
we’re eternity 
oh, I feel the sigh on 
every breath that’s met us here 
this night dreams fantastic 
and it’s ours, my dear 

how on earth could you have found me 
huddled under grapes of wrath 
I will never know but forever I ask 
how I got so lucky 
all this time proceeding 
silent in processional 
the words, they escape me through my singing cage 
of how I love you too 

it’s safe 
to be alone 
and be lonely 
but I found a gun 
with no safety 
and I am going to 
shoot down my ghost town 

’cause I know there’s a 
place for us 
I made it, I made it 

I am through with sharing all my love 
I have outgrown crowding up my house 
when you found me, I could not be loved 
but then I found me and I’m happy to be loved.




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You say the hill’s too steep to climb 
Climb it. 
You say you’d like to see me try 

You pick the place and I’ll choose the time 
And I’ll climb 
That hill in my own way. 
Just wait a while for the right day. 
And as I rise above the tree lines and the clouds 
I look down, hearing the sound of the things you’ve said today. 

Fearlessly the idiot faced the crowd 
Merciless the magistrate turns ’round 

And who’s the fool who wears the crown? 
And go down, 
in your own way 
And every day is the right day 
And as you rise above the fear-lines in his brow 
You look down, hearing the sound of the faces in the crowd.


Para ti. *

US presidential elections – Indecision 2008

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I hereby proclaim Comedy Central’s Indecision 2008 blog as my source of news stories for the rest of this campaign.